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The Big Reveal: AF Gruppen's Secret Lean Construction Workflow

Innovative technology plays a vital role in improving Lean construction processes and hence ensuring efficiency and profitability. While some companies actively try to digitalise their processes, many still don’t receive tangible results. AF Gruppen recently shared their secret to outstanding results with the public, and we bet you’ll be surprised.

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Written by Frederico Valente
Updated: May 31, 2023
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Table of Contents

The Secret: 3D Laser Scanning with Imerso 

See how AF Gruppen uses 3D Laser Scanning & Imerso workflow

Significant Decrease in Construction Costs

Improved Quality of Construction in a Fraction of the Time

Remote Construction Management

Is This Quality Control Workflow a “One Size Fits All”?



Recently, AF Gruppen - a leading contracting and industrial group headquartered in Norway - shared a groundbreaking digital Lean workflow on the corporate Youtube channel. 

According to their team, the tech enables them to receive complete and accurate data about their projects, cut rework, and boost efficiency and profitability

Sounds intriguing? Let’s get into it.

The Secret: 3D Laser Scanning with Imerso 

AF Gruppen experienced first-hand how 3D laser scanning in combination with Imerso has proven to be incredibly useful for their new-build and renovation projects. 

Together with the teams from B-Consult, Reaktor - Urban Design Architektur, and Realkapital Utvikling, they state this technology allows them to: 

  • Capture real-world structures and create digital twins of buildings
  • Compare real-world structures with their digital models
  • Gain insight on the latest up-to-date As Built status and spot deviations from BIM plans
  • Get more control over construction objects 

By utilising this technology, the team was able to identify any errors or discrepancies in the early stages and rectify them promptly. This not only helped them to ensure safety, but also enhanced efficiency and profitability.

See how AF Gruppen uses 3D Laser Scanning & Imerso workflow


Let’s review some of the results you can expect from this workflow.

Significant Decrease in Construction Costs

Scanning technology has allowed AF Gruppen to effectively control their construction projects, ensuring safety, efficiency, and profitability while detecting errors early on. 

“We have been able to control our constructions in a safe, efficient, and profitable way and identify any errors in the early stages.” - says Janicke Winsnes Rørvik, Quality Manager, AF Byggfornyelse. 

“In Rådhusgata 9, scanning has given us significant savings by streamlining the planning process. When renovating a building, knowing how much to demolish before building up is always very challenging, and scanning has been a great tool for this. It’s helped greatly.” - Terje Sorteberg, CEO-Partner, Realkapital Utvikling.

Improved Quality of Construction in a Fraction of the Time

Scanning with Imerso results in more accurate and comprehensive inspections completed in a fraction of the time required for traditional methods. This workflow identifies potential issues promptly, leading to substantial savings, and streamlining the planning process.

“We get higher quality and use a fraction of the time to identify building conditions.” - Terje Sorteberg, CEO-Partner, Realkapital Utvikling.

“Our design team has been so satisfied with the scanning process that AF Byggfornyelse used in the last project that we have chosen to use AF Byggfornyelse to scan certain parts of the building that we’re currently working on to gain control of the details.” - Helge Aarstad, CEO and Partner, Civil architect, Reaktor - Urban Design Architektur.

Remote Construction Management 

Another advantage of this construction technology is remote management. It saves time and resources while ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the project's progress.

“The big advantage of using scanning is that you don't have to be on the construction site all the time to look at things. You can see it on the computer in the office.” - Marius Bakkejord, Civil engineer, B Consult.

Is This Quality Control Workflow a “One Size Fits All”?

AF Gruppen has been using this workflow in their renovation and new-build projects (e.g. swimming facility at Tøyen - Tøyenbadet, or apartment building Incognitogata 33 A).

Would Imerso work for other projects, though?

Among Imerso customers there are general managers, contractors and subcontractors involved in the renovation or construction of new buildings (e.g. Vinci Construction, Aarsleff, Betonmast, E.Klink, KLP, Zech Group, Drees and Sommer, etc). 

In geographic terms, the platform is used in 12+ countries, including the Nordics, Baltics, Germany, UK, USA, Japan and Spain. 

The following projects benefit the most from this workflow:

  • Commercial constructions, such as office centres, malls, hotels, etc.
  • Industrial constructions, such as factories, plants, warehouses, and specialised facilities.
  • Public constructions, such as hospitals, airports, universities, and swimming halls.
  • Residential constructions, such as apartment buildings, senior housing, etc.


Scanning combined with Imerso is becoming a new game-changer in the construction industry. The ability to provide accurate BIM to As Built comparisons, facilitate early error detection, and enable remote monitoring has elevated the efficiency and quality control standards of construction projects.

About Imerso

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