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why imerso

Get unmatched visibility on the built status

Monitor onsite developments directly against the building plans in real time while your teams build. With automated checks at every delivery stage, Imerso helps your teams catch issues hidden across your site and find solutions faster.

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Walking around taking photos and spot-checks is slow and ineffective

Endless red-line drawings and photos, and still only checking a small portion of what's built...?

Your teams are not working on the same page.
Construction sites are large, complex, and constantly changing. There's too much going on, and traditional monitoring approaches leave nobody with a full overview of what's actually happening at the site. This collaboration barrier is a major source of errors, clashes, change requests, and costly delays and disputes. 

Time to measure completed works directly against the plans.
You cant improve what you don't measure. So let's closely track what's being build against what was planned. The more often you do this, the more opportunities to catch errors, save costs, and keep your teams aligned. This will change everything.

Here's how Imerso solves this:

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Laser capturing made simple

Most of our users had never made or worked with laser scans in their lives before starting with Imerso. Add this powerful technology to your toolkit and stop wasting time and money with inaccurate information.

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Catch issues before problems happen

Imerso compares your models against the site As-built conditions and alerts you of any problematic mismatches. Set custom tolerances for different objects and catch issues before problems happen.

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Share data that improves collaboration 

Get unprecedented contextual data and all measurements at hand. Your team is not only faster in understanding what's going on, but also faster at making decisions and finding optimal solutions.

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Imerso is extremely effective for controlling large areas and finding model deviations.

It's really easy to use and get into laser scanning. 

Nikolaj Dehn,
VDC Group Leader


Why buy Imerso?

Here are some of the
reasons why our
customers choose us.

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Save €15.000 per prevented issue

Catching issues early and resolving the proactively, leading contractors like Per Aarleff and Ferrovial are preventing costly surprises and delays from their projects.

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Cut travel costs by 50%

Leveraging the online Digital Twin, property owners like Statsbygg and KLP Eiendom are coordinating their remote teams online, reducing the need for in-person site visits.



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Protect 2% of your project budget

Through better site supervision and reliable status control, projects like the NHN Hospital are boosting labor productivity while staying clear of dangerous complications.

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Raise your team productivity by 5X

Get everyone on the same page faster, through better access to better data, and leverage smart automations to free your team's time to do their best work.

NHN case study imerso hospital

Danish hospital construction saves costs worth 2% in the first 16 months with Imerso

"Imerso lets any of us go scan an area in the morning and have a full analysis ready to review after lunch. This is really improving the way we approach quality or interface issues.

Using 3D scanning on a daily basis like this was not possible before."

Anders Kaas
Project Manager, Region Hovedstaden

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