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Tracking Jobsite As Built vs BIM

10 Reasons Why Imerso is a Must-Have Tool for Every Construction Manager

Integration of BIM models into jobsite quality checks isn't limited to any specific region or construction project type; it's a steadily growing global trend. As construction projects become increasingly complex and demanding, more and more construction managers express the need for better quality management workflows enabling automated comparison of what was planned in BIM drawings against the actual onsite situation (As Built). 

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Written by Frederico Valente
Updated: August 30, 2023
BIM, As Built
From commercial skyscrapers to industrial buildings, Imerso’s automated BIM vs. As Built analysis is redefining construction standards. Let's dive into the top 10 reasons why Imerso is becoming a must-have tool for construction leaders worldwide.

Check out all the 10 reasons to buy Imerso in this infographic.>>

Top 3 reasons to buy Imerso:

Reason #1: Faster and Better Jobsite Documentation

Reason #2: Higher Profit Margins in Your Construction Projects

Reason #3: Speedy Issue Resolutions On Your Jobsites


Reason #1: Faster and Better Jobsite Documentation

Imagine capturing a complete record of your worksite's status at every stage, and doing so at five times your typical speed. This is what Norway’s leading contractor Betonmast experienced with Imerso. Our AI platform ensures that no detail is overlooked and maintains all project records accurately and efficiently. 

“We can keep the models accurate to what is built. We can hand over building documentation continuously instead of at the very end. That saves us a lot of time.” - Magnus Bjørndal Jacobsen, Head of Innovation at Betonmast.

“Imerso made us confident that what we’re constructing is accurate, according to the drawings and within tolerance requirements. We now have documentation of everything that has been done, not just random samples or poor-quality images.” - Håkon Grande, BIM manager and Project Engineer at Lag Entreprenør.

Reason #2: Higher Profit Margins in Your Construction Projects

Every delay means potential cost overruns for your projects. Imerso allows you to track project progress closely, identifying potential issues that could lead to costly delays.

Region Hovestaden, Danish largest hospital project, saved a remarkable 2% on their project by employing Imerso's capabilities to mitigate project risks and maintain tighter control over their budget.

“Over €5 milion saved from avoided rework and increased worker productivity." - Anders Kaas,  Project Leader, Region Hovestaden.    

“Over 60 issues were detected by Imerso at GT5, saving the project over €1 million through the prevention of costly errors and construction delays.” - Matilde R. Belsvik, Project Leader at GT5.

Reason #3: Speedy Issue Resolutions On Your Jobsites

Clear communication and collaboration are key to resolving work issues promptly. Imerso facilitates this by providing detailed status reports that aid project managers in addressing concerns quickly. The result? Norconsult - Nordic’s leading architectural community - resolves work issues a staggering 96% faster, enhancing overall project efficiency.

“While advanced, the construction world in Denmark is still pretty conservative. We only want things that have been tried and tested. As a VDC professional, I know that the greatest praise one can get is when you see the most conservative people ask for more of it — This is what happened with Imerso.” - Christian Øster, VDC Coordinator, Per Aarsleff A/S.

Check out all the 10 reasons in this free infographic >>.


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