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Link your site to BIM and track what's going on.

Imerso AI analyses construction quality and progress directly against your building plans, so your teams can build faster with less risk. 

Trusted by industry leaders

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Walking around taking photos and spot-checks is slow and ineffective

Tired of chaotic team communications, costly rework delays, and losing track of site details? 

Your team needs a streamlined work tracking system.
Construction sites are large, complex, and constantly changing. There's too much going on, and traditional monitoring approaches leave nobody with a full overview of what's actually happening at the site. This collaboration barrier is a major source of errors, clashes, change requests, and costly delays and disputes. 

Time to measure completed works directly against the plans.

No more guesswork.
No more surprises.

Imerso BIM software
document + measure

Capture the built status like never before

We made Imerso to help every team get started with routine scan-captures of their jobsites. Grab your favourite scanner and get millions of precise measurements as part of your routine site tours.

Verify completed works

Check progress and detect hidden issues instantly

Understand the current status with powerful visuals and AI-driven analytics. Get everyone on the same page, whether onsite or remote.

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Share and collaborate

Keep your projects moving with proactive supervision

Stay ahead of costly surprises. Catch and resolve problems before they happen, for a smooth handover from one trade to the next.

What our customers say


Very intuitive, anyone can use it

Now we have better control and smoother processes. This saves us a lot of time, that we use to negotiate better contracts, follow up on the project, and manage site changes proactively.

Christopher Carlsen, Head of Innovation


Imerso is extremely effective

Easy to learn, easy to use. There is no need for targets during the scanning process, which makes it much easier and faster. Also, for controlling large areas and finding work deviations, Imerso is extremely effective.

Nikolaj Dehn, VDC Group Leaderper-aarsleff-as-7163


Fast way to check reality vs BIM

Previously, only CAD engineers understood and analysed point clouds to detect construction problems. Now, anyone at the site can do it. Imerso is a very fast and easy solution to analyse reality against BIM. 

Johannes Ris, Project Manager




Interested in learning more?

Have a look through Imerso's unique features that will change how you think of BIM, or take the free product tour to get a better idea of the platform workflow, step-by-step.

NHN case study imerso hospital

Danish hospital construction saves costs worth 2% in the first 16 months with Imerso

"Imerso lets any of us go scan an area in the morning and have a full analysis ready to review after lunch. That really improved the way we approach quality or interface issues.

This was not possible before."

Anders Kaas
Project Manager, Region Hovedstaden


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Frequently asked questions

What is Imerso?

Imerso is the smartest way to track progress and work quality at your construction sites. Our solution is so easy that any team can get up and running is a matter of days from first meeting our team -- including those who have never worked with 3D scans before!

We provide powerful visualisation and analytics tools that lets everyone in your teams understand what's really going on at the site. This includes automatic detection of work deviations from the plans, as well as 2X faster resolution of issues thanks to better site data.

We've prevented €100K's in change orders,  eliminated unnecessary project delays, helped remote teams collaborate online to avoid travel costs, and helped teams deliver their work faster.

Can Imerso be used for any type of project?

Yes - All you need is a 3D model of what is planned to be built, and you are ready to go. 

We're seeing Imerso customers supervising constructions of office buildings, hotels, malls, hospitals, airports, data-centres, industrial facilities, university campus, etc.

And you can use it both for monitoring new-build constructions, as well as for planning refurbishments of existing properties.

How easy is it to start and grow adoption?

Imerso is super easy to use, and anyone can get started in minutes. We've seen customers roll-out the technology within 3 days of first meeting our team. 

No need to give training to dozens of users, and instruct them to use a new solution: You can start with a single user, who alone will easily outperform an entire team reliant on traditional approaches. Start sharing your results and you'll see your colleagues (and other teams) asking for more.

It takes minutes to set up a new project, upload your BIM models, and you're ready to go out scanning. Take any scanner device, or get scan data from a third-party service, and upload it to Imerso to trigger a new analysis. It's that simple.

We're hearing customers go out scanning in the morning, go for lunch break, and have a full session ready to review when they're back. Your scan data and 360° images will be aligned to the BIM models and have a list of detected deviations ready for you to go through.

How often should I capture my site?

You are in control and can scan your site as often as you like. 

Some customers do it 1-2 times per week, with focus on the areas with most construction activity. Others do it less often, focused on the planned handover times between work-packages.

Ultimately, the more capture sessions you make, the more detail you'll know what's going on.

Does Imerso work with all 3D Laser Scanners?

Yes, you can upload data from any type of laser scanner including tripod or SLAM devices. 

You can also upload scan data from smartphones equipped with a lidar sensor, or even 3D reconstructions based on 2D images (photogrammetry). 

Keep in mind that the inspection threshold must be limited to the accuracy level of the data you upload. 

Does my team really have to do the scanning tasks ourselves?

No - you can also just get the scans elsewhere and upload them to the Imerso platform.

Imerso makes it super easy for your team to do the scanning independently, by yourselves. This is ideal because your team is already onsite and can go scan without lead-time, while also knowing better which areas to focus on from one week to the next.

Nonetheless, you can also outsource the scanning tasks to a third-party service, or simply delegate them to your interns and students (they will love this!)

How much site data can I capture?

We put no limit on this: you are in control! Depending on your project needs, you can scan the site as often as you like.

We use photos and 360 cameras - Do we still need Imerso?

Photos and 360 Cameras are great ways to document the site status, but they only give visual data.

This is still valuable and Imerso is not meant to replace these approaches, but rather supplement their shortcomings.

Leveraging 3D data instead of images, Imerso can evaluate the site status automatically, and alert users of deviations above the accepted threshold. This means users spend less time investigating the data, and more time analysing the inspection results.

What other software does Imerso integrate with?

We integrate with CDE's like Catenda Hub, Procore, and Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC).

You can also export all Imerso data in international open formats that can be easily uploaded to your software of choice such as Solibri, Navisworks, ArchiCAD, Revit, Allplan, and more.