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How to update Revit models to As-Built reality in seconds

Are you a Revit user looking to bring your BIM models up to date with the latest site conditions? Then this article is for you. Learn how to save time and travel costs, as well as countless hours of manual modelling. Let's go!

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Written by Frederico Valente
Updated: April 5, 2024
BIM, As Built

Give your BIM models a second life!

BIM is a tremendously powerful approach for managing project risks through clash detection and model coordination. However, once construction begins, keeping the models updated with real site conditions becomes challenging, resulting in a disconnect between the building plans and the actual reality at the site. 

Many call this the gap between the office and the field. 

This brings familiar problems, ranging from coordination issues and disputes during construction, to post-Handover costs during Operations and Facility Management the map doesn't match the terrain.

Enter the BIM-Fix tool 🔧🤖

Using this feature, Imerso automatically moves any misplaced BIM models to their correct onsite location, at the press of a button. This gives you an As-built IFC that you can easily import to your Revit environment and merge with your models: Voilá! A reliable As-built BIM, without any of the site travels, photos, manual control measurements, and manual modelling effort.

Here's how it works:

  1. Run the BIM-Dev tool in Imerso to check for onsite mismatches against your models.
  2. Click on any detected misplacement (orange objects) on the listed results.
  3. Click "Move Position" and then "Save BIM-Fix".
  4. Export the .IFC models and .BCF files, then load those into Revit.
  5. Approve changes in Revit and resolve .BCF issue. Done!

See it in action in this short video:


Oh boy, do we have more features for you...!
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What is Imerso?

Imerso is a software platform that combines BIM, Reality Capture, and AI technologies to automate construction site supervision and quality inspections with one simple workflow. Since its foundation in 2015, the platform has inspected more than 10 Mn square metres across 500+ projects, enabling construction companies worldwide to avoid project risks and delay costs with real-time monitoring of site status and work quality. 

Our free add-on to the platform is Imerso Capture - a mobile app, which simplifies 3D scanning process and import of files into the platform.


Where is Imerso used?

Nowadays, Imerso is used in eleven countries across multiple construction projects, including:

  • Commercial: office centres, malls, hotels, other buildings.
  • Industrial: factories, plants, warehouses, and specialised facilities.
  • Public: hospitals, universities, swimming halls.
  • Residential: apartment buildings, senior housing, other buildings.

If your project has BIM models which can be set as performance targets, then you're ready to go with Imerso. Our platform supports multiple languages and doesn’t require from users any special skills or background. 


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