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An intelligent Digital Twin of your building site right on your browser

  • Monitor performance and field progress in real-time

  • Detect construction errors and delays early

  • Keep all field work well documented

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Your BIM with Superpowers

Get unprecedented insight of your building project

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Connect the building plans to Imerso

Upload BIM models, work-packages and schedules to our web-platform.
Set them as the monitoring targets for Imerso.

Imerso ensures that your building plans are followed throughout the production phase. Should any field-work deviate from these, your teams will be alerted with the details.


Document field progress of all stages in 3D

Imerso enables your teams to use any 3D Scanner with the push of a button
and puts all incoming field-data in the right place automatically.

Keep accurate As-Built documentation of all project stages to improve coordination, accountability, and prepare upcoming work.  No more costly on-site surprises!

A great 3D Scanning combo we recommend: 
  -  The amazing new Leica BLK360 Laser Scanner, and
  -  Imerso's own Mobile 3D Scanning App for any 3D-enabled device.


Early detection of BIM-Deviations

Imerso continuously monitors incoming field-data against your building plans, letting you keep track of work progress and performance.

Get early alerts of problematic BIM-deviations, such as construction errors and delays, so your team-leaders can react in minutes, not months!

Resolve project issues earlier than ever, before these turn into unnecesary complications, discipline clashes, costly delays, partner disputes, and budget overruns.


Unprecedented insight of your projects

Your teams can take accurate measurements of everything captured in the 3D data.

Write annotations directly on the 3D scans for others to read and elaborate upon, avoid unnecessary travels with virtual field visits, create reports and deliverables, and data exports in open-standard formats for your preferred industry tools.

Derive valuable insights such as height maps to analyse surface flatness, and more. 
All directly from your browser.


Bring your BIM to life

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