Tilman Köberlein strives for sustainability

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Tilman joins our business team as Imerso’s CFO

We are stoked to announce that Tilman Köberlein has joined our business team. He has an MSc in Business administration and economics, and six years experience of managing a cargo ship fleet. We are excited to have Tilman taking over the role of CFO at Imerso and we wish him a warm welcome to the team. 

Coming from dealing with complex logistical tasks, negotiating big volume contracts, managing international crews, and handling emergencies, Tilman is now responsible for outlining the company’s long term financial development in a sustainable manner.

In your perspective, what does success look like? 

I believe success is achieved when you are satisfied with your overall life situation. This extends beyond the professional aspect and includes both friends, family and all other areas in your life. Besides, it is important to keep setting yourself new goals in order to continue to progress and develop, which I also believe is linked to personal success. I once worked for a professor in Mannheim who (with his 80 years and a moral wagging finger) wisely advised me: keep in mind, we always want to keep learning and improving ourselves.

What drew you to come work for Imerso? 

I was attracted by the opportunity to develop my knowledge and skills into a new direction and be at the forefront of technological development. 

Do you have special interests outside work that you’d like to share? 

Yes, in fact I am very interested in renewable energies. During the past few weeks I have built my first full-size prototype of a biogas digester in my parents’ garden back in Germany. I was thinking about a solution for all the green ‘waste’ occurring and that was how the idea came about. Everything about renewable energy fascinates me, all from wind and solar to hydro and biomass. 

What are your favourite hobbies? 

I spend quite some time outside in nature, which Norway is the perfect country for. When I left my previous job I got a hammock as a present, which I love to bring with me to set up camp when I am out in nature. Also, recently I have gotten into rock climbing, and spent the summer hiking through the alps from southern Germany to northern Italy together with a group of friends. Other than that I like classical ballroom dancing or being out in the woods chopping wood together with my grandpa back home in Germany. 

What excites you most about being a part of Imerso’s future?

Imerso offers a product that has an impact like only few other products have had before within this sector, not only by tremendously saving cost and increasing efficiency, but by providing high quality data, it improves the quality of work for everyone involved in the construction process, which I find very exciting. And last but not least, the data helps to decrease waste material and increase re-use of equipment, which is thrilling.

We're grateful to have you in our team, Tilman!