Tae Sandoval wants to change Construction with software

Tae bilde imerso.jpg

We are pleased to welcome Tae as our new team member, coming all the way from Chile to Oslo. Tae is a skilled programmer and architect graduate with many years of working as a software consultant. She now joins Imerso’s tech team as a senior engineer.  

Tae, what was it about Imerso that attracted your interest? 

As an architecture student, I’m aware that there are a lot of mistakes done throughout construction projects. Human error will always happen, they are inevitable, they occur simply from poor communication. The important thing is to catch them early, which saves a lot of time and money. Furthermore, I am concerned with the environmental impact. By identifying errors at an earlier stage through Imerso’s platform, less material is going to waste, which has a positive impact on the environment. Imerso is, therefore, contributing to solving the critical problem of excessive generated waste at construction sites, which attracted me to the team. I was also interested in joining Imerso because of the ability I am given to neatly apply both my technical and architectural background. 

How did you get into programming? 

I always liked technology, an interest which I developed during a primary school project. I am essentially self-taught, I started learning programming off the internet, and thereafter studying English to read books about programming. Computer science is a great subject to study on your own because of the incredible amount of information available from various sources. When I got my first job, everything I had learnt came together, which was very exciting. 

What is your favorite tech gadget at the moment? 

I am obsessed with my Sony Digital Paper, it is like a larger Kindle (my second favorite gadget). It's amazing in my opinion. I use it mostly to read papers and take notes. I spend most of my free time reading, so this gadget fits me perfectly.  

It’s great having you with us Tae! Welcome to the team.