Mads Lohne wants to take BIM further

Mads bilde imerso .jpg

Mads is a highly skilled Civil Engineer from NTNU, specialized in managing BIM projects. His good mood and nearly 10 years of BIM leadership at Statsbygg makes Mads a powerful addition to our team. We welcome him as Imerso’s new Business developer and BIM leader.  

Mads, how do you envision Imerso’s future? 

I want Imerso to become the main provider of using reality capture methods in both building management and construction sites. Imerso computes substantial quantities of geometric data into relevant information and valuable learnings for building stakeholders. Imerso  is a technology that will take BIM to the next level and strongly improve industry performance and productivity. 

What do you enjoy doing after work?

The majority of my time is spent with my family and friends. I also enjoy playing curling - besides a good team spirit, effective communication is vital in Curling, though it often fails (haha). I think precision and internal communication is important, both in curling and in business. 

What drew you to come to work with Imerso? 

I really liked the team, who I knew before I officially started working here. It is a very interesting field of business where it is possible to greatly impact the direction of the company. I believe I had something to bring to the table with the application of BIM. After many years of working for a large company, I saw the desire of working for a smaller firm or startup - it allows for new ways of thinking and different perspectives, which I like! 

When are you at your happiest?

When things are moving in the right direction. I find that I enjoy being in a dynamic environment, where a lot is going on, together with people that are deeply engaged in their work.

My career path has been divided between project management on one hand, and BIM and digitalization on the other. Now I chose to focus on BIM and digitalization. It really is something that captures my enthusiasm and now there is a digital tsunami washing over the building industry - and I am a part of it!

Which of your previous achievements make you the proudest? 

First and foremost my relationship to family and friends, if you can call that an achievement. Besides that, I am very happy that the path led me to where I am right now at Imerso.

If I were to give a more specific example regarding one of my achievements, it must be the Campus Ås construction project I worked on through Statsbygg. It is a highly complex, large scale project where we solved some major challenges and I am pleased to see the result. 

What excites you most about being a part of Imerso’s future?

To bring new methods and technology into a conservative sector which is facing numerous challenges, and thus opportunities. That is one answer, however, arguably the more important answer is this; 

It's about people and sharing the enthusiasm for what we do. Considering Imerso’s future, I look forward to working with highly skilled and passionate people. That answer lies closer to the truth. It's really all about the people! 

We're very excited to have you onboard, Mads!