Jakub Groh scans your buildings

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Jakub has became our High Definition Surveying Data Analyst. He has developed a strong attachment to the Nordics, as he spent 5 years studying in Denmark and fell in love with the culture. Jakub has a background as a Constructing Architect, followed by a master’s degree in Project Management at Aalborg University. Throughout his studies, he has gained experience both in architectural and structural engineering offices, which has provided him with an excellent overview when surveying construction sites. He has always been interested in BIM and sustainability, and wrote his Master Thesis on BIM and the Circular Economy. This interest was an impulse for Jakub to move to Oslo and work with Imerso,  where he now supports the team in refining how the construction industry plans, builds, re-builds, and re-uses.

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Jakub, you moved to Norway the day before you started working with us, how did you feel about that?

I was slightly nervous – in addition to just having arrived in a new country, my first working day was April 1st and I was afraid that it was all just April fools or that I misunderstood something. You know, all those crazy thoughts that go through your head in unusual situations. Luckily, the team gave me a warm welcome. I have joined a great group of people and I am fortunate enough to enjoy their presence every day.

What do you do when you are not BIMing?

I like cooking and brewing beer, best enjoyed in a company with friends and my family. Unfortunately, my brewing equipment did not fit inside my luggage when I moved, so I need to get it shipped somehow in order to start brewing again. Even though I am still busy furnishing my apartment, I have already started exploring both Oslo and Norway. However, what I am most excited about is the coming winter season. I come from the mountains, so alpine skiing was always a thing for me. In the flat Denmark, this was, unfortunately, not a possibility. I cannot wait to get myself a pair of skis and go alpine skiing here, since all it takes is to hop on the T-bane and enjoy the slopes. 

Final question: you wrote your Master thesis about BIM and Circular economy. In the light of growing environmental focus in the construction industry, do you see a potential to combine this knowledge with your work at Imerso?

Yes! The differences between the 3D models and the actual existing-conditions of a building is usually the biggest issue when applying principles of the Circular economy to the construction industry. Many buildings that could be reused or refurbished are being demolished instead because it is too demanding to update the as-built plans. This scenario creates an immense amount of waste, which is entirely unnecessary. In my Master thesis, the focal point was to decrease the creation of the construction waste and I am convinced the industry can benefit from Imerso’s  solution. I am so grateful to be part of the journey, while doing what I am interested in and what truly excites me.