Geir Birkedal continuously improves our platform


Geir is our new Senior R&D Engineer. We warmly welcome him to the team. 

As our new Senior R&D Engineer, Geir assists the back-end team with developing the algorithms for the Imerso platform. He has a Masters degree in Applied Mathematics, and thereafter eleven years of experience working with sensor technology for smartphones using ultrasound. He is an experienced software engineer and developer of embedded computer systems.

Geir, how did you develop your interest in technology? 

I have always liked to make things work. When I was a kid I enjoyed making simple DOS scripts on the family’s computer, and in math class I made games on the calculator. But I only started with “real” programming at university. I wrote my Master's thesis at the Intervention Centre at Rikshospitalet, about 3D tracking for use in surgery.

Do you have any special interests or hobbies? 

I am really into music, and I play the saxophone in a big band. It’s a nice arena for practicing my hobby together with people with common interests, and I like that it gives room for improvisation. I also enjoy rock climbing during my free time. 

What attracted you to come work for Imerso? 

I think the technology and the platform Imerso offers is very interesting. It is a product that serves a vital purpose and solves a crucial problem in the construction industry. Being a part of that was something which I found very appealing. The area of work was also quite relevant considering my experience with 3D tracking and imaging.

Thank you Geir, and welcome to Imerso!