Joacim Bråthen wants to help property developers digitalize 


Joacim is joining our team as the new Sales Director. He has long-standing experience with sales throughout his professional career and has spent the last few years developing the future sales methods for the digital world. We are certain that Joacim will bring great value to our team. We warmly welcome you to Imerso!

We have prepared some questions for Joacim: 

Joacim, why did you choose to come work for Imerso? 

I saw an excellent opportunity to be a part of something new that can potentially revolutionize an industry that requires a digital transformation. The real estate and construction industry is among the most substantial producers of carbon emission and waste. Imerso’s service directly contributes to making the industry more environmentally sustainable. At the same time, Imerso solves several problems of transparency between the project parties and gives BIM a purpose also in the construction phase of a project. To be part of that, while working in a friendly and competent team was an opportunity that immediately captured my interest. 

What do you want to achieve while working here? 

I want to Illustrate to property owners the benefits of having a digital twin of their buildings. With Imerso’s solutions, property owners can save substantial costs, increase efficiency and reduce waste, both during construction and maintenance. Digital twins and 3D documentation of buildings will soon become the industry standard globally. While working for Imerso, I want to contribute to making Imerso the leading provider of this technology.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

My family is, of course, the most important element in my life - my three-year-old twin boys and wife. But besides that, I have an obsession with the mountains. There is nothing more satisfying and beautiful than to be on top of a mountain. There is something truly majestic about it; it is the inclining journey to get to the summit that elevates the feeling of achievement. I try to implement this mindset of journey and achievement in many aspects of my life.

What is your favourite tech gadget? 

I am a “techie” and love all kinds of technology, but I also love structure and efficiency. I always look for new ways to be more efficient in my life, so that I can manage more and continuously evolve. So any technology that can make my life better, easier, more fun or more efficient is appreciated and is early adopted. Although being slightly dull, my two favourite gadgets are, of course, my phone and laptop. It gives me structure, information and efficiency anywhere and anytime. I Google absolutely every question or topic; thus, I have learnt a lot of weird information. Like for instance, how postal codes exist and the various categories of melons (Hint, there are only two categories, and one of them has only one type of melon, try to guess which one). 

How do you envision Imerso to grow and evolve in the future? 

What we can see today is that the property development industry now is starting to get ready for a digital transformation. The first players that have adopted our methodology have experienced great results. However, we see that the industry is in general, very conservative, and some firms still need some more convincing before deciding to implement a digital solution. I envision that Imerso will be contributing to this transformation and evolve in conjunction with the industry.

Thanks Joacim, and again welcome to the team!

Kristoffer RoedComment