Brage Bang wants to tell the Imerso Story


We are happy to announce that a new talent has joined the Imerso team! Brage is a marketing and sales aficionado with a background in TV and theatre. With a keen interest in storytelling, technology and the startup scene, we are confident Brage will be a clear voice for our website, social media and customer communication!

brage square.jpg

Brage grew up in the theatre, and got his degree in Acting BA(Hons) from Rose Bruford College for the Performing Arts in 2008. He has worked as a professional actor for years in TV, film and theatre, and made us promise not to mention his stint in Hotell Cæsar anywhere on the web page.

After deciding to use his powers for good [sic], Brage worked as a media advisor at Medianord AS, where he showed great sales results using his clear-cut communication style, and a story first approach to marketing. He has a passion for technology and innovation, and loves combining informative content with narrative, which you can get a sense of from his article; The Moral Dilemma of VR.

He left Medianord in 2017 to start his own fitness company, Brage Bang Fitness, which focuses on no-nonsense, online coaching and uses the story telling flair and marketing skills he’s become known for. (He has promised to keep the barbells out of the office on weekdays!)

When not working, Brage loves gaming, lifting weights and hiking (preferably up steep mountains). We expect he will have a blast at the planned Imerso cabin getaway.

We are sure Brage will be a great addition to Imerso’s growing team, and we can’t wait to see what story he will tell!

Let’s end with three easy questions, Brage! What’s your mission in life?

Oh wow, that’s an easy one? Well, I’m passionate about storytelling - that’s been ingrained in me from an early age, practically growing up on stage at the regional theatre where I’m from - and I’ve always felt that good storytelling is sorely lacking in many businesses and industries. Maybe my mission is to tell good stories?

What’s your proudest professional achievement?

In 2017, I left my job as a media advisor at Medianord AS to start my own fitness company, and my proudest achievement was actually a client whose life, (their words), that I saved. That was amazing, and came at the tail-end of some serious months of non-stop work on the company. It was a small moment in the grand scheme of things, but became a symbol to me that all my hard work paid off.

And finally, what are you most looking forward to doing at Imerso?

Honestly, the idea of working through an entire industry’s inertia, making them see the value of the insights we provide and learning from them how we can become part of their everyday working life, is tantalizing to me. I look forward to making a content strategy that make us visible across the industry, and that is valuable to the customers we already have.

Welcome aboard, Brage!