Felipe Escobar wants to spearhead the BIM revolution

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Felipe Escobar Acuña has joined Imerso as our new 3D data analyst, and has already become a vital part of the team!

In SPAR3D’s article on Imerso, you can see him on-site at Campus Ås (currently Norway’s largest construction site), surveying the building with our BLK360. He has quickly become our most active on-site specialist, thanks to his great work ethic and his deep knowledge of the construction process.

Felipe and the Leica BLK 360 scanner, on-site at Campus Ås

Felipe and the Leica BLK 360 scanner, on-site at Campus Ås

Felipe’s long experience as an architect - and his understanding of large-scale construction - gives him fantastic insight into the BIM, tools and processes the industry uses. His knowledge is a great asset to the Imerso engineers as we expand and improve our algorithms.

Felipe has 5+ years working in both real estate residential design, 3D rendering and virtual modelling. He has a Professional Degree in Architecture and a B.A. in Computer Design, both from the University of Santiago de Chile (USACH).

At home, Felipe is an avid gamer - a self-proclaimed ‘decorated sofa general’ of strategic PC and board games. When not playing, Felipe loves going for hikes in nature and also horse riding (due to a fascination with the European medieval age more than with sportsmanship [sic]).

He enjoys reading Hard Sci-Fi books, exploring new gadgets and hardware, and watching quirky movies with his wife. The movie selection might veer more towards Disney in the near future, though; in about a month, Felipe and Marta are happily expecting their first child!

We’re thoroughly pleased with having Felipe on the team, and we are sure he will do great here at Imerso.

Let’s end this with some quick questions, Felipe! What about working with Imerso excites you?

I’m an Architect by trade, and a gadget geek as we established. When I first read about what Imerso is doing - in essence being the BIM feedback line of the construction industry - it just clicked in me: of course! Here I could be the spearhead of this feedback process, by using the latest in laser surveying tools and working with 3D cloud point data. I’m still giggling that I get paid for doing it!

Which of your previous achievements make you the proudest?

Here I’m trying to think back in my life, deciding if my Architect degree project of Sustainable Energy Design applied in Social Housing could be it, or if doing the Patagonia trail with my couch-potato stamina counts.

But for this one, I think I will look forward in my life, when in some weeks - knocking on all the wood in the world - I’ll become a father! (Her first toys will be Lego Technic!)

And finally, when are you at your happiest?

I’m always happiest.

Ok, ok. I don’t want to sound corny - but I will. When laughing at silly jokes with my wife, I feel the luckiest man in the world. But I’m guessing I’ll add a +1 to that answer in a month!

We promise to let you update your answer when your daughter arrives.

Welcome to Imerso, Felipe!