Birger Brekke wants to solve the hard problems


We are thrilled to welcome Birger Brekke to our team of developers and researchers! Birger is our new Senior R&D Engineer, with a Masters in Industrial Mathematics from NTNU. He joins us from National Oilwell Varco, where he worked on real-time physics simulations, fatigue/wear models and condition-based maintenance systems, and we are very excited to let him loose on Imerso's software!

Birger Square.jpg

Birger wrote his master’s degree on Topology and Data, exploring topology as a tool for studying high dimensional data. Working as a PHD fellow at Medical Imaging Laboratory, he has published and collaborated on several papers in the field of high frame-rate doppler imaging (20142017).

With his wide array of experience and deep mathematical knowledge, Birger is going to be a great new part of the Imerso team, and we will make sure to let him use his skills to the fullest.

When not working, Birger will be spending time with his wife and 3-month old daughter, who visited the office all to briefly a couple of weeks ago - we're all looking forward to seeing them again soon!

We are confident Birger will be a valuable part of the Imerso team, and are happy to welcome him to the company.

Let’s end with four easy questions, Birger! When are you at your happiest?

All my life, I’ve always been happy as long as I was doing sports. All kinds, really; I was physically active pretty much all the time - diving, climbing, free-diving, volleyball, skiing, you name it. I actually met my wife at diving practice. Since then, I’ve been at my happiest doing sports together with her. (Our honeymoon was spent climbing, caving & hiking, our vacations are mostly spent free-diving or exploring). After having our daughter, Bea, one of the most wonderful things I do is swimming with her!

What do you really geek out about?

I spend a lot of time deepening my knowledge of C++, and software design; I follow the CppCon avidly. Outside of that, I’m a board-game geek (and, luckily, so is my wife). Before having our daughter we played almost every day, Dominion being the favourite, now we play when we have the chance.

What’s the thing you’ve achieved at work or while studying that you are most proud about?

In mathematics, during my masters, we focused on proofs - theorems. I was very happy with the way I handled the Generalized Stokes Theorem. During my PHD-studies, we developed some methods called anatomic doppler spectrum that I was very proud of. I also worked on high frame rate echocardiography and the tools the cardiologists used for their research.

And finally, what are you most looking forward to doing at Imerso?

I’m looking forward to making our algorithms even better, enhancing system performance, working on the applications we have and, generally, making a great product. In the algorithms we use at Imerso, I get to use a lot of the mathematics from my studies that I haven’t utilized much in my previous work. I’m greatly anticipating that.

We're excited to see what you'll do, Birger - welcome aboard!