Matias Christensen wants exciting challenges


It’s our great pleasure to welcome Matias Christensen to Imerso! Matias is currently completing his Masters in Computer Science from NTNU - specialising in Artificial Intelligence - and has already worked extensively on 3D data and visual odometry.

He co-founded the Ascend NTNU aerial robotics team (and in 2017, as Chief Engineer, won 1st place in Design and 1st place in Performance at the International Aerial Robotics Competition).

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Matias recently returned to Trondheim from Munich, having spent two semesters at the Technical University of Munich working on Computer Vision and Robotics. His extra-curricular activities has spanned from algorithms for 3D reconstruction on monocular cameras, to assisting the research team at TUM in the use of Visual Odometry and SLAM in autonomous aerial vehicles.

We obviously can’t wait to see how Matias’ skills will be put to use on Imerso’s software. Matias will be based in Trondheim so he can keep on top of his studies, so we’re also very much looking forward to his next visit.

 Matias with the Ascend NTNU team.  To view their work in action, click here.

Matias with the Ascend NTNU team. To view their work in action, click here.

When not working, Matias (not surprisingly) loves flying drones. He has a few already, but he is constructing his own drone as a side project. He is also a passionate cook, trying his hands at everything from Beef Wellington to Japanese Okonomiyaki.

Three easy questions as we round this off, Matias! First, when are you at your happiest?

I’m at my happiest when out travelling; when I get to explore new places and experience new things. Especially if they are things that don’t fall into the typical ‘touristy’ lists - things that most people have never heard about.

Of the things you’ve achieved - professionally or in your studies - which one thing makes you the proudest?

What I am far and away the proudest of is the student organization I’ve started at NTNU, Ascend NTNU ( ). In just a few years, it has grown from an idea shared among a few friends, to a large and attractive organization with far more applicants than positions every year and several big sponsors.

And finally, what are you looking forward to working on at Imerso?

I am looking forward to challenging myself with new and exciting problems that require both mathematical insights and effective programming. I really prefer working on tasks that let me improve in both areas.

We are confident you’ll find tasks at Imerso that fit the bill! Welcome aboard, Matias!

Brage Bang Bjørkmoteam, office