Changing the future of job sites


We are thrilled to be mentioned in Builtworlds list of companies changing the future of job sites!

Builtworlds is a community of innovative companies collaborating to push the construction industry forwards, and their events and content are great sources of inspiration for the digitization space. We are very pleased to be placed on their list.

They’ve focused on our mobile scanning solutions, which places us alongside great companies such as Paracosm, with their very interesting Lidar PX-80 scanner. Also mentioned are Dronedeploy, an automated drone mapping company, and in the People/ Collaboration category you find companies like DAQRI, whose AR solutions are well worth paying attention to.


The digitization of the construction industry is taking place over a wide array of technologies; from drones and hardware to better communication and on-site safety. [Animation/ images from]

Have a read through the full list at the Builtworld site!

Brage Bang Bjørkmo